Bees and Bombs

I am deeply indebted to Dave over at ‘Bees & Bombs’ for his amazing ability to create beautiful geometric gifs. He's a mathematical genius and creates these as a hobby. Help him turn his hobby into something extra by joining Swoopware and pledging a donation using his Patreon account.

TandemVids uses his animations to indicate the software is busy processing your videos.

Girl - Blue Dress

This is a simple acknowledgment and thank you to Itzik Gur who designed many of the images used throughout this store.

He has made some of his amazing work available. I am indeed grateful for the ability to add spark to an otherwise bland environment. Cheers Itzik.

Cheers and Beers

This is a simple salud and thank you to Alexandra from Alfoart who designed the pint of beer included in every email.

She has made some of her design work available free of charge over at deviant art. I am appreciative for the ability to add warmth to a lack lustre email environment. Cheers and beers Alexandra.