Initial configuration (per computer)

Support staff will remotely control your computer and configure it with RunRunVids®, templates and all required software. This service does not include RunRunVids® licenses.
$550.00 AUD incl tax
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Price$330.00 AUD$258.50 AUD$220.00 AUD$198.00 AUD$187.00 AUD$176.00 AUD$165.00 AUD$159.50 AUD$154.00 AUD

This service is subject to mutual coordination of time zones and available free time.

Template creation and testing is conducted in house and then transferred to your computers. This process takes a week or two and requires constant communication to ensure we build templates suitable for your company. After the templates have been created, it usually takes two to three hours for the initial computer to be configured. Provided all computers are to be configured in a similar fashion, subsequent computers require an additional hour per computer.

We require high quality company logos to be provided if you wish them to be included in your templates. A separate third party multi-use license is also required for a lower thirds animation to be placed under the customer's name if desired. We recommend lower thirds motion graphics from Video Hive due to the pricing and suitability of their multi-use licenses within RunRunVids® when producing multiple end videos for different customers.

Please note: This service does not include licenses for RunRunVids®. You will need to purchase a separate RunRunVids® subscription for each computer you wish to have configured.